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metal deep drawing
metal deep drawing

Metal Deep Drawing

Metal deep drawing refers to a kind of machining process in which a certain shape of flat blank obtained after blanking is stamped into various open hollow parts or the open hollow blank is reduced in diameter and increased in height by using a die. Thin wall parts with cylindrical, stepped, tapered, spherical, box and other irregular shapes can be manufactured by drawing process. Cooperating with other stamping forming processes such as flanging, bulging, flaring and necking, it can also manufacture extremely complex parts.

What is the advantage of metal deep drawing?

1. High quality

With the help of mold, deep drawing products are accurate in shape and size, and the service life of mold is also very long in the production process. Therefore, the quality of deep drawing products is usually ensured.

2. Simple and efficient

Each step in the production process of deep drawing stamping parts is set up like a production line, so the operation of personnel is much simpler than that of some other stamping methods. The maintenance of the equipment is also more comfortable.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection

This advantage mainly comes from its special manufacturing process. During the process, most materials are reasonably used with relatively low energy consumption. This not only saves energy but also saves production costs. Therefore, it can improve efficiency for many industrial production, and also support the appeal of energy saving and environmental protection in modern society.

What's the application of metal deep drawing?

Products made by deep drawing are very diverse, from metal parts with diameter of less than 1cm to aircraft parts, automobiles and large equipment. Deep drawing is also widely used in household products such as cans, battery boxes, fire extinguishers and sinks.

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