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What is Metalworking Process?

Metalworking is the process of shaping and reshaping metals to required metal parts. Metal stamping, tube bending, welding and surface finishing are all processes of metalworking.

What is metal stamping?

Metal stamping is a coldworking process that uses punching machine to convert flat metal sheets into wanted shapes, which includes punching, bending, flanging, flanging, etc.

What are the advantages of rotary draw bending?

Rotary draw bending can obtain smaller dimension tolerance, as there're dies and mandrels set into the machine. Besides, rotary draw bending are also able to bend square tubes.

What is the difference between MIG welding, TIG welding and STICK welding?

MIG welding(Gas Metal Arc Welding) is an arc welding method using consumable electrode and gas as the arc medium to protect metal droplets, weld pools and high-temperature metals during the welding process.

TIG Welding(Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) is a gas shielded welding process that is usually used on aluminum and stainless steel.

Stick Welding(Shielded Metal Arc Welding) is an arc welding process that uses welding sticks. It is also known as manual arc welding. The welding sticks are made of two parts, flux and filler metal. First part is to protect the molten metal. On the other hand the other part is to fuse two metals together.

What is a surface finishing process?

Surface finishing is a process applied to the surface of products for the purpose of improving the products properties, for example, to enhance the rust resistance. Also it is used to improve the appearance of the products, such as changing the color of the product appearance by powder coating.

What's the Difference Between Metalworking and Blacksmithing Method?

Metalworking is a process to shape or reshape the metals into products. It's a very broad category, including welding, punching, etc. Blacksmithing is also one type of it. It means the worker uses a hammer and an anvil or other tools to shape the heated iron or steel. And when the iron or steel cools down again, the shape will be maintained. The temperature required of blacksmithing is quite high, usually over 750℃,to ensure the material soft and malleable enough. Unlike modern metalworking method, blacksmithing ony costs very little waste. Almost all the metals used will be forged to the product or reused. However, blacksmithing in nowadays has huge disadvantage in efficiency compared to modern machining. And it's also less precise as it is processed manually. Thus it is not the first choice for mass industrial production.

What's the Difference Between Metalworking and Blacksmithing Method?

FAQs of Metalworking Services

What material can you deal with?

Mostly iron, steel and aluminum. Also, we can work with many other metal materials such as copper.

How large products can you produce?

Hunkmachining produces products of various sizes. The maximum thickness of the stainless steel sheet we used to punch was up to 8.0mm.

What is robotic welding?

Robotic welding is a process that which robots do the welding job automatically conforming to the programs. It is more efficient and consistent compared with traditional manual welding.

Do you process surface finishing like powder coating on your own?

No, we cooperate with a long-term vendor for surface finishing who is a experts in powder coating and spraying.

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