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Types of Tube Bending

What Are The Different Types Of Tube Bending?


The simplest and most common method of tube bending. It requires a die on the pipe and the pressure through the die will force the tube to bend to wanted shape. Usually, this method is not used for precision bending as deformation could happen because of the lack of internal support.


Compared to press bending, rotary draw bending guarantees higher precision. It uses an internal mandrel for support to prevent deformation of tube.  The bender works by clamping the outside of the tube then drawing it into the set bend radius.

Rotary draw bending is the mostly used method in Hunkmachining. We have the high precision CNC bending machine to meet customer's need.


A roll bender uses a three-roller machine which is called a jig to bend metal bars. It involves introducing the bar into the jig and lowering the middle roller against it. As a result, rotating the rollers causes the bar to move along and force is exerted when it moves back and forth until it achieves the wanted shape. For the circular products, roll bending is particularly a good choice.


It involves a steel mandrel introduced inside the tube, and a die outside to make sure the tube in fixed position. Thus, the bending machine can work without deforming the shape of the tube.

What is the Difference Between a Pipe and Tube Bender?

For the bender, there's no difference. If a bending machine can bend a pipe then it can certainly bend a tube. However, there is minor difference between a tube and a pipe.  The shape of  a pipe is always round while the shape of a tube can be rectangular or square. Besides, a tube is measured by its outside diameter and a pipe is measured by its inside diameter.

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