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mover seat mount
mover seat mount
lawn mower seat brackets
lawn mower seat bracket

Mover Seat Mount

Mower seat mount is set into the seat of the mower in order to support the seat against the weight and pressure from the driver. What we are manufacturing are some parts of it, which are consisted of a tube and a metal block. Considering that the strength of the seat is directly related to the safety of the driver, it requires high quality and strength. Also, the dimension of the product must be accurate. Otherwise, it can not tightly fit in the seat, causing abnormal noise caused by the looseness. And of course, it will threaten driver's safety. Customers highly recognized the quality of our products and we are confident to provide custom mower parts that meet any requirement. Hunkun machining provides types of Mower seat mount, including lawn mower seat brackets.

Technical Information of Mover Seat Mount

Processing:Tube Cutting, Tube Bending, Metal Blanking, Metal Punching, Welding
Raw Material:Carbon Steel
Surface Finish:Electroplating Coating
Drawing Formation:PDF, CAD/DWG/DXF, STP/STEP, etc.
Inspection Equipment:Customized Gauge, Calipers, etc.

Features of Mover Seat Mount

We designed welding tooling for these products to ensure accuracy. We also design a gauge that simulates the real mower seat to inspect the product. Besides, we put effort into product appearance, controlling the uniformity of welding seam and the quality of electroplating.


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