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rotary draw bending
rotary draw bending

Rotary Draw Bending

A rotary draw bending machine is mainly composed of mechanical system, hydraulic system and numerical control system. Pipe is fixed on the main shaft and rotates with it. Two oil cylinder provides thrust to push the pipe forward along the clamping die. The winch at the other end provides tension through the wire rope to rotate the rotary table. The rotary table drives the bending die to rotate with the main shaft of the automatic bending machine as the center. In this way, operator can obtain the required bend radius.

What is the advantage of CNC bending machine?

  • Accurate, efficient and convenient.

  • It can process square, rectangular, prismatic and polygonal pipes of various sizes and specifications. In addition, the CNC control management system ensures high accuracy and less error.

  • Only need one worker for operation, saving plenty of labor cost.

  • Saving raw materials. Pipes are continuous formed during the process with almost no loss of material.

Which industry is rotary draw bending used in?

It is mainly used for laying and repairing pipes in electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc.  Besides, it is commonly used for bending various pipe parts and wires in automobile.

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