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stick welding shielded metal arc welding smaw
stick welding shielded metal arc welding smaw

Stick Welding - Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding) refers to manual arc welding, which is an electric arc welding method using manually operated welding rods.

SMAW uses welding rod and workpiece as two electrodes. During welding, the workpiece is locally melted due to the high temperature and blowing force of the arc. Then an oval pit filled with liquid metal is formed on the workpiece, and this pit is called the molten pool. With the movement of the welding rod, the weld will be formed after the molten pool cools and solidifies.

What is the advantage of SMAW welding?

  • The equipment is simple.

  • Operation is flexible and convenient.

  • Capable of welding in  all position and suitable for variety of materials.

However, it also has the disadvantages that it is with low production efficiency and high labor intensity

How to prevent electricity accidents from SMAW?

  • Before welding, check whether the welding machine equipment and tools are reliable and in good condition.

  • The welder's hands and body shall not touch the conductor of the secondary circuit, nor lean on the workbench, weldment or contact the welding tongs and other electrified bodies.

  • When welding in metal containers, metal structures and other narrow workplaces, the risk of electric shock is much greater. In that case, special protective measures must be taken, such as rubber mat, leather gloves and insulated shoes.

  • The following operations must not be carried out before cutting off the power switch.

    Transferring the working place and moving the welding machine, replacing the fuse, maintenance of welding machine and changing the welding machine joint.

    Besides, welder must wear insulating gloves while pushing and pulling the knife switch.

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