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Working Principles and Advantages of GTAW Welding Process

Introduction to the GTAW Welding Process

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas welding, involves different welding materials and pipe diameters. GTAW is a non-melting electrode gas shielding welding method that uses an arc between a tungsten electrode and the workpiece to melt the metal to form a weld. The tungsten electrode does not melt during welding and only plays an electrode role. The welding torch nozzle is fed with helium or argon gas to protect the electrode and the molten pool. It can also add additional filler metals according to the needs.

Working Principle of GTAW Welding Process

When using the GTAW welding process, the protective gas is continuously sprayed from the welding torch nozzle, covering the surrounding area of the arc, molten pool, tungsten electrode, and filler wire to form a local gas protection layer, effectively isolating the air from the welding area. The filler wire is delivered manually or by a wire feeder and melts at the front edge of the molten pool under the heat of the arc. The molten metal flows into the molten pool through the front wall of the molten pool. After the arc moves forward, the molten pool solidifies to form a weld. This welding method has good stability during the welding process and can easily obtain high-quality welds.

Advantages of GTAW Welding Process

  • Stable welding process - Argon arc combustion is very stable, and the interference factor of arc length changes is relatively small, so the welding process is very stable.

  • Good welding quality - Argon gas is an inert gas that does not dissolve in liquid metals or react with metals. It is easy to form a good gas flow isolation layer to effectively prevent oxygen and nitrogen from invading the weld.

  • Broad application range - GTAW TIG welding can be used for almost all metals and alloys and is suitable for welding in various positions.

  • Suitable for thin plate welding and all-position welding - Even with a few amperes of small current, the argon tungsten arc can still burn stably and the heat is relatively concentrated, which can weld 0.3mm thin plates. The pulse argon tungsten arc welding power supply can also be used for full-position welding and one-side welding and double-sided shaping welding.

  • Easy to achieve automation - The arc of the argon arc welding is a bright arc, and the GTAW welding process parameters are stable and easy to detect and control, making it an ideal automated or even robotic welding method.

  • No slag in the welding area - The welder can clearly see the formation process of the molten pool and the weld.


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