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metal battery box
metal battery box
battery box steel

Metal Battery Box

It is only the shell of the car battery and is empty inside. We use good quality material and our rich welding experience to make sure the battery boxes that we produce are sturdy with high strength. Hunkmachining can deal with any size of battery box and we are confident to offer you the attractive price with good quality.

Technical Information of Metal Battery Box

Processing:Sheet Cutting, Metal Punching, Metal Bending, Welding
Raw Material:Carbon Steel, Aluminum
Surface Finish:Electroplating Coating
Drawing Formation:PDF, CAD/DWG/DXF, STP/STEP, etc.
Inspection Equipment:CMM, Feeler gauge, Gauge, Calipers, etc.

What are the key elements of a battery case in an EV car?

Compared to those in traditional petrol vehicles, EV cars' battery is much heavier, larger and more crucial. It is not only to generate electricity for starting the engine and some less important system like sound system and lights, but also to provide the power for propulsion. Therefore,  an EV car's battery case must be stable enough to guarantee more protection. First of all, it must be high-strength to undertake heavy impact, protecting the battery inside. Secondly,  excellent heat resistance is required to prevent the vehicle fire in an accident to spread into the battery which may lead to an explosion or toxic gas with great danger. Besides, designers pursue the light-weighting of the battery case. A lighter battery case can lead to less energy consumption and longer endurance ranges.

What are Battery Boxes of EV Made of?

Mostly made of cold-rolled mild steel. It is a cost-effective material that has comparatively less strength and hardness, and good plasticity and toughness. Therefore, its cold formability is outstanding, and is easy for hemming, bending and stamping.  Also, it has good weldability.


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